Pigment Paste Paints

Delta Chemistry Pigment Paste Paint

Pigment Paste Paints are phthalate-free, oil-based paints. They are produced with pigments with high light fastness and heat resistance. Apart from the main colors, special colors can be prepared according to the customer's request.

They are used for coloring pvc labels, pvc game balls, pvc cable granules and plastisols made by micro injection method.

Pigment Paste Paints

Pigment paste paints are a dense and concentrated type of paint, usually formulated for industrial use. These pastes are pigment-containing dense paints in which the pigments are highly concentrated and usually mixed with a special binding agent.

Here are some of the reasons why they are used for industrial applications;

Color intensity and customization:

Pigment paste paints are denser and more concentrated than other types of paints, so they provide intensity and customization in colors. These properties are useful for achieving specific shades of color.

Variety of materials:

These pastes can often be applied on different materials. They can be used for various surfaces such as metal, plastic, wood.

Resilience and resistance:

They can be formulated to provide a durable coating for industrial applications. They resist weathering, chemicals or other external influences.

Drying time and workability:

Some pigment paste paint formulations can have fast drying times, which can provide efficiencies in industrial production processes.

Color reproduction and matching:

In industrial use, they can be used especially in color matching processes to meet specific color standards. They are especially important for accurately reproducing brand colors.

Such pigment paste paints are commonly used in industrial coating, automotive, plastic injection molding, furniture production, packaging industry and other industrial applications. Before using any pigment paste paint, it is important to carefully study the technical data sheets, which contain information such as product specifications and application instructions.