October 20, 2023

Working Principles

1. Customers' needs are at the forefront.

It is our family tradition to listen to our customers' needs and produce solutions for them. We consider our customers as a part of our family and we have always moved forward with the solutions we offer them. Their cooperation and feedback have a very high share in this.

2. We will not compromise on quality.

Delta Kimya has never compromised on providing quality products. For this reason, we will continue on this path by using all kinds of tools together with our employees and customers that we cooperate with to improve our standards.

3. We respect and value everyone who makes us who we are.

We will contribute to the development of all the constituents that help sustain our success. We will not hesitate to invest in the training and development of employees and industry constituents.

4. We recognize public service as a responsibility.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to help our society move forward and we take care to act with sustainable projects. Our aim is to make the environment we live in more beautiful and to walk arm in arm with other companies working for this.

5. With ethics, honesty and sincerity, which are at the forefront of our working principles, we will conduct our relations in accordance with free market values.

The most important element that will carry us forward from where we are today is the communication we maintain with our employees, customers and suppliers, whose family tradition we consider our family.